September has gone already, and I can’t believe that it is my birthday in 2 weeks’ time. I don’t mind admitting that I am 45 – I’ve never had a problem with saying how old I am. Age is just a number, it is how you feel that counts.

As month’s go September hasn’t been a bad one, in fact, it has been pretty good. I have some exciting things to share that have happened, so keep reading folks!


The biggest thing that I want to announce is that as of 17 September I joined the most amazing company as a Marketing Consultant, and I could NOT be happier about it! Boost Technology Group comprises of Boost Performance and Boost Training (also known as Sales Gym 360) and it exists to improve the business performance of technology companies by revolutionising the “assisted sales & marketing” experience.

I will be working from my dedicated home office but attending occasional meetings and team days, and working with a handful of Boost’s technology clients as well as working on and contributing to Boost’s overall marketing plan and strategy.

I’ve only been with Boost for a couple of weeks at the time of writing this review but I already feel completely at home and as if I’ve known everyone there forever. This is a good thing, as usually it takes me ages to “settle in” to a new role and get to know everyone, but this time there was none of that, and I really feel as if I belong. I hope that this is a good sign!

For some time I have been thinking about campaigning for more companies and organisations to embrace remote working and agile working. Many do embrace flexible working, that is, allowing their employees to start and finish at different times provided they are in the office during set core times, but they don’t often allow their employees to work from home. To that end, I’m going to create a section on my “Cyber Geek Girl” blog that concentrates on remote working, agile working and flexible working, and use this to share my insights, hints and tips on how I work successfully and wholly from home. In our always-connected world it amazes me how reluctant companies are to allow their employees to work from home, even for a day a week. For me, to find a company that embraces and offers remote working is amazing.

Another announcement I have is that I have been nominated for the TechWomen100” list run by “We Are Tech Women”. I couldn’t believe it when I got the email to say I’ve been nominated, I was so surprised! I will find out on November 5th as to whether I’ve made the shortlist, and at that point I believe it goes to a public vote. If I get through then I will be asking all you lovely people if you wouldn’t mind voting for me, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

I also hope to be in a position to launch Venture CxO Insights and the membership packages side of things for the UK Cyber Security Association by the end of October all being well. More on this soon.


Due to my starting work with Boost Technology Group and tying up a few things and some freelance work before I started, I didn’t have a lot of time for my writing and blogging in September. I did a handful of articles but not as many as I usually do. A couple of them are below:

My husband Russell of “RV Digital Marketing Services Ltd” also transformed my “Frankie’s Legacy” blog for me. “Frankie’s Legacy” is a blog I started in November 2013 when my much loved and much wanted son Francesco “Frankie” Enrico Ventura was born sleeping. To write and blog about it helped me to piece my shattered life together and come to terms with being an “empty armed mother”, that is, a woman who has given birth but has no living children. I am a member of a club I never wanted to be part of, the empty armed mothers club, and “Frankie’s Legacy” focuses on my membership to that club.

I am very happy with how “Frankie’s Legacy” looks and has turned out, and I am now working on tidying it up, getting the menu structure/categories right and ready to re-launch for Baby Loss Awareness Month in October.

I hope to be able to write more blogs and articles next month – all being well!

Personal and Social

I’m pleased to say that this month I was able to have a nice work/life balance and spend time with my parents, husband and some of my friends. I even managed to have a long weekend in Worthing staying at my cousins, which was just what I needed. I was so lucky that the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm the whole time I was there, it was the last nice weather weekend we had before it turned, and the autumn storms started.

It was lovely to hear the waves and walk on the beach in Worthing and Brighton, I enjoyed every minute of it. I planned to go to Worthing since around May but due to my Dad not being well I just didn’t want to be out of Worcester. As my Dad was finally starting to get a bit better, I felt I could be out of Worcester for a few days at long last.

I also had three days with my wonderful cousin from Milan and his wife, so I got to be a tourist in Worcester for a couple of days.

We visited the Cathedral, the Commandery, the Worcester Porcelain Museum, the city Museum and Art Gallery, the Tudor House Museum and we had a boat ride along the River Severn. It was fascinating seeing my city through the eyes of a tourist. We have so much to offer and so many lovely attractions, and I was glad to be able to make the most of them for a couple of days.

Another bit of good news is that my Dad’s health is finally starting to improve a bit! He finished taking Keppra on September 18 and is now solely on Epilim for his temporal lobe epilepsy. Unfortunately, he was still in and out of hospital due to his other condition, and may have to have a small operation, but we are waiting for him to be seen again by of his specialists about the way forward for it. Time will tell on that one.

The Month Ahead

October looks set to be a good month, it is my birthday on the 14th and I hope to be fully embedded into the team at Boost and my new role. Venture CxO Insights will be launched fully by then, as will the membership packages for the UKCSA, so it is shaping up to be a really busy and productive month for me.

It will be a busy month for films at the cinema in October, with 3 coming out that I really want to see – the new Johnny English film, the new Halloween film and of course “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the biopic about Queen and Freddie Mercury. It is “Bohemian Rhapsody” that I am looking forward to the most, and I have a feeling I will see it more than once in the cinema!

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous October.

Lisa xx

Lisa Ventura is a blogger and writer who has been through many challenges in life, but has somehow not only managed to survive them all, she has thrived in spite of them. She loves technology, heavy metal music, gadgets, cyber security, writing/blogging and her GSD/Husky cross dog. Lisa has a strong interest in all things related to nuclear war and is currently writing a book on the impact that the film "Threads" had on a cold war generation. By day she is a Marketing and Cyber Security Consultant and in her spare time she blogs on, and She is a born campaigner and works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues and causes that are close to her heart.