So, March has come to an end already! Just where is 2018 going I wonder, lately I seem to blink and another whole month has flown by! It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since I was writing my review of February 2018, and now here I am on Easter Sunday (1 April) writing my review of March. It is scary just how quickly time passes by.

March to me is always a long month, but then after the short month of February it is almost 5 weeks long. It was a month of ups and downs, but again I survived the downs, while the ups helped to counteract them.

We had yet more snow at the beginning of the month, but this time it didn’t last long – thank goodness! What snow we did have was pretty much gone in a day, but this winter does seem to have dragged on and on. I am looking forward to some warmer weather and Spring finally making an appearance! I hardly got out during March but this time it wasn’t because of the weather, it was because my beloved dog Poppy was very poorly indeed, something I will talk about in the “personal” section below. Thankfully, she is now back to full health and her normal mischievous self, but I didn’t want to leave her while she was so ill. Finally at the end of March the clocks changed and we have much lighter nights again, at long last! I hate the dark nights of winter and I feel much better in myself now that we have more daylight.

Work – Corinium Global Intelligence

I started off the month of March with a quarterly Production Team Meeting in London, and I had an amazing time with all my lovely work colleagues. It makes such a difference when you love what you do, and I absolutely love every minute that I spend working at Corinium.

Being at this quarterly Production Team Meeting was an important thing for me, as it meant I could talk to the Production Team about how content I produce can help them promote their events and help create more alignment between content and production. We also had a consultant come and talk to us about the implications for us of GDPR, which was very interesting, helpful and useful.

After being at the Production Team Meeting I worked with several of our Event Producers to come up with an article to help promote the events we have coming up in May and June this year, and here are the articles I wrote:

Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Every CDO and CAO Needs to Know (to support CDAO Canada)

Creating a Culture of Accountability Using Advanced Technologies in Data and Analytics for Government Departments (to support CDAO Government) 

Is Your Organization Ready for Digital Transformation: The Keys to Being a Digital-Ready Business (to support CAO Spring)

Learning and Development with Virtual Reality: How Can it Help Develop High-End Sophisticated Skills Requirements (to support CLO Spring)

While I was at the Quarterly Production Team Meeting I was given some news about the big content piece that I worked on that showcased the Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals in the USA and Canada. I was set a KPI of this piece being downloaded 100 times, so imagine my surprise when I heard it had generated almost 200 downloads! By last week it had generated over 330 downloads. As the content piece was gated every time it was downloaded we gained contact information from those who downloaded it that we can hopefully use to drive our content to, book as speakers or even book as sponsors for our events. On the back of this, I have started production on the Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals for Europe/EMEA, and the Top 100 Data and Analytics Professionals for the USA and Canada, which will be an extension of the original content piece I did.

A couple of weeks ago the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook story broke so I worked with some of my Corinium colleagues to write a response to it from our perspective:

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data Sharing: What Does This Mean for CDOs and CAOs?

In addition, I also authored the following shorter pieces for our CxO Hangouts:

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: Which one Will be Smarter?

A Snapshot of Women in Data and Analytics on International Women’s Day

Ecommerce and the Customer Journey: 5 Ways it can be Enhanced Through Data and Analytics

Toxic Work Environments and Data and Analytics: How can These be Used to Motivate Employees?

Next month I will be sharing some of the video speaker interviews I conducted during CDAO UK and how you can submit yourself or your colleagues to be part of our Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (Europe/EMEA) and our Top 100 Data and Analytics Professionals (USA/Canada) reports.

Plus, we will be releasing a content piece called “Face to Face with the Data and Analytics Experts”, where I interviewed 12 of those who were included in our Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals USA and Canada report. April is going to be a very busy month, and I am already looking forward to it very much!

Networking Events

Last month I didn’t attend any of these due to the inclement weather, and this month was no exception. However, on top of severe weather I also had to look after my beloved dog Poppy as she was very ill in March, something I will detail in my “Personal and Social” section below.

Blogging and Writing

While my main focus in March was on the content and writing I do for my day job at Cornium and looking after my dog Poppy while she was so poorly, I still made sure I had some spare time available to post some blogs on “Cyber Geek Girl”.

I was thrilled this month when I was contacted by Simply Media TV, who had found this blog online that I wrote about the film “Threads” They are releasing a remastered version of “Threads” on DVD on April 9 and wondered if I would like an advance copy to review on my blog.

The DVD arrived last week and I’ve been tweeting and posting about it already, My review of it will be posted in the next few days, and I have reached out to the actor Reece Dinsdale who played Jimmy to ask if he would kindly give an exclusive interview for my blog to accompany my review of “Threads: Remastered”. He has asked me to get back to him after April 3 as he was busy with other commitments, and I am crossing everything that when I do go back to him, he will say yes to the interview.

Other blog posts I’ve done this month include:

Even Closer to Nuclear War: Threads Remastered Released

Review: Sunshine Film 1970’s Based on Jacquelyn Helton

Poem: Dear Mr Mark Zuckerberg: Do not Give Away our Data

Personal and Social

The biggest piece of personal news I want to share is the fact that in March I found out I am a finalist in the Wonderful Worcestershire 2018 Awards in the Significant Achievement category! I could not believe it when I received a phone call from the organisers to tell me, it just seemed to unreal! I am proud, honoured and humbled to be in the finals, and I want to wish all the other finalists in my category and all the finalists in the other categories the very best of luck, and I’m looking forward to meeting them all at the awards ceremony lunch on April 27.

I had to have an interview in front of a panel of five judges on March 23 and deliver a ten minute presentation, which was quite nerve wrecking! While I am used to speaking in public and standing up on stage like it is water off a ducks back, for some reason I felt very nervous inside when I was in front of the judges! But I did it, and I am very humbled that I have got this far.

I didn’t get to go out much or socialize with my friends because my dog Poppy was very poorly indeed with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis. We thought it was a reaction to an anti-inflammatory medicine called Metacam that the vet gave her for her bad legs, so when she was first poorly we stopped it. We took her to the vets and she was given a medicine called ratadine to try and settle her tummy, some probiotic paste and we had to keep her on plain chicken and rice. After a few days we thought she was turning a corner and getting better, but then she had another very nasty bout of gastroenteritis. Back to the vets we went with her, and this time they did a poo sample test and blood tests to see if a cause could be found, and all the tests came back perfect. We even had her tested for lungworm because the vet said she had seen a few cases of that, but even that came back fine. Thankfully, after a long month of Poppy being poorly she improved and now she is back to her normal self. I love her to bits, she is like my baby, so to see her so poorly broke my heart, and they cannot tell you when they are feeling so ill. I’m just so thankful and grateful to The Stocks Vets in Worcester who saw us a couple of times at quite short notice, and for their help in getting Poppy back to her normal self.

Once Poppy was finally better I booked some long overdue catch ups with my friends, and I spent the week before Easter doing that. One of my catch ups was at a lovely new Italian Restaurant called Sugo’s in Worcester, and I will be writing a review of it for my “Cyber Geek Girl” blog soon.

Another worrying thing that happened during March was that my Dad had worse side effects on the new epilepsy medication he was given than he had on Epilin, so his GP has referred him back to see the neurologist at the hospital again, and he has that appointment next Wednesday. I am crossing everything that a solution can be found, and the right epilepsy medication can be given to him to help improve his quality of life. I will update on that in my review of April.

The Month Ahead

I’m already looking forward to the Wonderful Worcestershire Awards Ceremony Lunch on April 27th, I am not expecting to win anything at all, there are far more worthy finalists in my category than me, but I am looking forward to seeing some of my old colleagues and contacts at this event.

I am also hoping that my Dad will be much better by the end of the month, and that Poppy stays well. Work is going to be very busy in April and I am already looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous April.

Lisa xx



Lisa Ventura is a blogger and writer who has been through many challenges in life, but has somehow not only managed to survive them all, she has thrived in spite of them. She loves technology, heavy metal music, gadgets, cyber security, writing/blogging and her GSD/Husky cross dog. By day she is the Founder and CEO of Venture Content Marketing | PR | Digital and the UK Cyber Security Association, and in her spare time she blogs on, and She is a born campaigner and works tirelessly to raise awareness of stillbirth, early pregnancy loss and other causes that are close to her heart.