October 2018 Review

October 2018 Review

Well what can I say about October! I turned 45 on the 14th, I had a great first month at Boost Technology Group and one of the films I had been anticipating for years was finally released – Bohemian Rhapsody – the biopic of Queen and Freddie Mercury. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love Queen and Freddie Mercury and what they mean to me, so the release of this film was something I had been looking forward to for a very long time. And I wasn’t at all disappointed with it!

I’ll start as I always do with these monthly reviews by talking about how my work is doing and what I did in October.


I have had a great first month with Boost Technology Group. There has been a lot to learn and take in, especially about the two clients I am working with (IT Document Solutions and Changing Social), but I seemed to slot into the team well and very quickly. I had a few trips to London to meet the clients I am working with and get a good understanding of their marketing, content marketing and digital requirements, and what I could do for them.

I had to spend some time understanding what had been done for each client before, what worked and what didn’t work and then I came up with bespoke strategy plans for them for the next few months in terms of demand generation and more longer term marketing activities.

I hit the ground running straight away and here are some of the blogs and content pieces I worked on this month:








On the networking side of things, I managed to attend the Malvern Festival of Innovation on the Cyber Security day. It was great to catch up with some familiar faces and to test the waters about the UK Cyber Security Association. It seems that this is still something that many within cyber security want so I will aim to launch it properly in the new year, along with launching my Venture CxO Insights site. Trouble is, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do!


In October I was honoured to be approached for Europa Magazine to contribute an article on how to help children stay safe online through my work with the UK Cyber Security Association, and I also wrote a white paper on the cyber security risks faced by financial institutions and services. I will share a link to these when they are launched next month.

I also wrote what I consider to be two of my best blogs and pieces for my “Cyber Geek Girl” blog, which was a review of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” and an account detailing my memories of Queen and Freddie Mercury, and what they both mean to me:



Some of the other blogs and reviews I wrote include:





I hope to be able to write more blogs, reviews and articles next month, especially as the nights are longer and I will have a bit more time to hopefully do so.

Personal and Social

October was the month of the cinema for me! I went on quite a few occasions last month to see Johnny English Strikes Again, the new Halloween film and Bohemian Rhapsody twice. I’m sure I will go and see Bohemian Rhapsody again in November, and more than once!

Some great films were released this month that I really wanted to see, and the one that I didn’t make it to was “Hunter Killer”, which explored the possibility of Russia’s stockpile of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands and triggering World War Three. I’m happy to wait until it comes out on one of the streaming services that we have such as Amazon or Now TV to see it.

I managed to catch up with my friends and I had a lovely birthday on October 14 with a meal out with my parents and husband at our local carvery Manor Farm, even if it did chuck it down with rain all day! Despite the weather I did enjoy myself, and it gave me a chance to take stock of my achievements and what I want to do for the rest of the year.

One thing that is still a blight on my life is the ongoing health situation with my Dad. I am getting extremely frustrated with the NHS and we are still no further forward in getting a proper diagnosis or the various issues that he has sorted out and treated. I hope that there will be come progress in November, but I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile he is suffering, and it is breaking my heart to see him like that.

The Month Ahead

I’m already looking forward to November, to seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” at least once more in the cinema if not twice, to attending the International Security Expo at London’s Olympia on 28 and 29 November – https://www.internationalsecurityexpo.com/ – and meeting the team at Boost for a Christmas lunch on November 29.

I also look forward to achieving more with the clients I am working with at Boost, and counting down to my favourite time of year – Christmas!

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous November!

Lisa xx


Bohemian Rhapsody Film Release

Bohemian Rhapsody Film Release

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury. So it was with huge excitement on my part that I went to see the new biopic about the band and Freddie “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

At the time of writing this news entry I have seen it twice, and I am sure that I will see it another couple of times while it is in the cinema. I would like to share a couple of posts that I wrote for my blog “Cyber Geek Girl” about my memories of Queen and Freddie Mercury and what the band and Freddie means to me, and a review of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

They can be found here:

“Bohemian Rhapsody” Review

My Memories of Queen and Freddie Mercury: Inspired by Seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I hope you all enjoy them, and for more reviews visit my blog www.cybergeekgirl.co.uk.

September 2018 Review

September 2018 Review

September has gone already, and I can’t believe that it is my birthday in 2 weeks’ time. I don’t mind admitting that I am 45 – I’ve never had a problem with saying how old I am. Age is just a number, it is how you feel that counts.

As month’s go September hasn’t been a bad one, in fact, it has been pretty good. I have some exciting things to share that have happened, so keep reading folks!


The biggest thing that I want to announce is that as of 17 September I joined the most amazing company as a Marketing Consultant, and I could NOT be happier about it! Boost Technology Group comprises of Boost Performance and Boost Training (also known as Sales Gym 360) and it exists to improve the business performance of technology companies by revolutionising the “assisted sales & marketing” experience.

I will be working from my dedicated home office but attending occasional meetings and team days, and working with a handful of Boost’s technology clients as well as working on and contributing to Boost’s overall marketing plan and strategy.

I’ve only been with Boost for a couple of weeks at the time of writing this review but I already feel completely at home and as if I’ve known everyone there forever. This is a good thing, as usually it takes me ages to “settle in” to a new role and get to know everyone, but this time there was none of that, and I really feel as if I belong. I hope that this is a good sign!

For some time I have been thinking about campaigning for more companies and organisations to embrace remote working and agile working. Many do embrace flexible working, that is, allowing their employees to start and finish at different times provided they are in the office during set core times, but they don’t often allow their employees to work from home. To that end, I’m going to create a section on my “Cyber Geek Girl” blog that concentrates on remote working, agile working and flexible working, and use this to share my insights, hints and tips on how I work successfully and wholly from home. In our always-connected world it amazes me how reluctant companies are to allow their employees to work from home, even for a day a week. For me, to find a company that embraces and offers remote working is amazing.

Another announcement I have is that I have been nominated for the TechWomen100” list run by “We Are Tech Women”. I couldn’t believe it when I got the email to say I’ve been nominated, I was so surprised! I will find out on November 5th as to whether I’ve made the shortlist, and at that point I believe it goes to a public vote. If I get through then I will be asking all you lovely people if you wouldn’t mind voting for me, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

I also hope to be in a position to launch Venture CxO Insights and the membership packages side of things for the UK Cyber Security Association by the end of October all being well. More on this soon.


Due to my starting work with Boost Technology Group and tying up a few things and some freelance work before I started, I didn’t have a lot of time for my writing and blogging in September. I did a handful of articles but not as many as I usually do. A couple of them are below:





My husband Russell of “RV Digital Marketing Services Ltd” also transformed my “Frankie’s Legacy” blog for me. “Frankie’s Legacy” is a blog I started in November 2013 when my much loved and much wanted son Francesco “Frankie” Enrico Ventura was born sleeping. To write and blog about it helped me to piece my shattered life together and come to terms with being an “empty armed mother”, that is, a woman who has given birth but has no living children. I am a member of a club I never wanted to be part of, the empty armed mothers club, and “Frankie’s Legacy” focuses on my membership to that club.

I am very happy with how “Frankie’s Legacy” looks and has turned out, and I am now working on tidying it up, getting the menu structure/categories right and ready to re-launch for Baby Loss Awareness Month in October.

I hope to be able to write more blogs and articles next month – all being well!

Personal and Social

I’m pleased to say that this month I was able to have a nice work/life balance and spend time with my parents, husband and some of my friends. I even managed to have a long weekend in Worthing staying at my cousins, which was just what I needed. I was so lucky that the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm the whole time I was there, it was the last nice weather weekend we had before it turned, and the autumn storms started.

It was lovely to hear the waves and walk on the beach in Worthing and Brighton, I enjoyed every minute of it. I planned to go to Worthing since around May but due to my Dad not being well I just didn’t want to be out of Worcester. As my Dad was finally starting to get a bit better, I felt I could be out of Worcester for a few days at long last.

I also had three days with my wonderful cousin from Milan and his wife, so I got to be a tourist in Worcester for a couple of days.

We visited the Cathedral, the Commandery, the Worcester Porcelain Museum, the city Museum and Art Gallery, the Tudor House Museum and we had a boat ride along the River Severn. It was fascinating seeing my city through the eyes of a tourist. We have so much to offer and so many lovely attractions, and I was glad to be able to make the most of them for a couple of days.

Another bit of good news is that my Dad’s health is finally starting to improve a bit! He finished taking Keppra on September 18 and is now solely on Epilim for his temporal lobe epilepsy. Unfortunately, he was still in and out of hospital due to his other condition, and may have to have a small operation, but we are waiting for him to be seen again by of his specialists about the way forward for it. Time will tell on that one.

The Month Ahead

October looks set to be a good month, it is my birthday on the 14th and I hope to be fully embedded into the team at Boost and my new role. Venture CxO Insights will be launched fully by then, as will the membership packages for the UKCSA, so it is shaping up to be a really busy and productive month for me.

It will be a busy month for films at the cinema in October, with 3 coming out that I really want to see – the new Johnny English film, the new Halloween film and of course “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the biopic about Queen and Freddie Mercury. It is “Bohemian Rhapsody” that I am looking forward to the most, and I have a feeling I will see it more than once in the cinema!

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous October.

Lisa xx

Article In Counter Terror Business Magazine

Article In Counter Terror Business Magazine

I’m delighted to share this article that I contributed to Counter Terror Magazine which talks about the growing cyber security threat, the types of threats that are out there, how sophisticated they are becoming and what can be done to combat them.

This is hopefully the start of more articles that I will be sharing on the subject as I work towards educating the business community and general public about the cyber security threat. Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility, and with more and more attacks occuring on a daily basis it has never been as important as it is today.

You can read the article here – http://www.counterterrorbusiness.com/features/how-protect-your-business-against-cyber-attacks.

Nominated for the “TechWomen100” 2018 List

Nominated for the “TechWomen100” 2018 List

I’m very excited and proud to announce I have been nominated for inclusion in We Are Tech Women’s “TechWomen100” list for 2018 for my contribution to the technology industry.

The We Are Tech Women “TechWomen100” Awards aims to recognise women in the technology industry who are champions for women in technology and the organisations who have designed and implemented successful initiatives and programmes in order to attract, retain and develop female tech talent. By highlighting the accolades of up-and-coming inspirational female talent, the awards also aim to help create a new generation of female role models for the industry.

The “TechWomen100” awards are the first of their kind to focus solely on the female tech talent pipeline and recognise the impact of champions, companies and networks that are leading the way and are supported by leading organisations such as Worldpay, BAE Systems, Credit Suisse and Accenture.

I am absolutely delighted to find out that I have been nominated to be included in the 2018 “TechWomen100” list. Great progress is being made to help women shatter the glass ceiling and enter careers in the technology industry, and this forum is a great way of recognising and providing inspiration to other women who are considering joining the technology industry.

Nominations are open till 28 September 2018, with the shortlist announced on 5 November 2018. The winners will be announced on 10 December 2018 following a public vote. 

For more information about We Are Tech Women’s “TechWomen100” list for 2018 and how to nominate someone, visit https://wearetechwomen.wearethecity.com/techwomen100-awards-2018/.

Boost Technology signs exclusive partnership with Changing Social

Boost Technology signs exclusive partnership with Changing Social

In keeping with its aim of helping to improve the performance of tech companies, Boost Technology has today entered into an exclusive partnership with Office 365 Adoption & Change Management specialists, Changing Social.

The Partnership will see Boost exclusively promoting Changing Social’s comprehensive service capability to Resellers, MSPs and SIs and helping them co-sell it – giving them an out of the box and immediate capability to re-sell Changing Social’s portfolio.  Partners signing up to Changing Social’s Partner Programme can expect to see their customers increase their consumption of Office 365 and as a result boost their profitable annuities, customer stickiness and shareholder value.

Boost’s Managing Director, Darren Spence, explains, “We help a lot of front-line tech organisations develop more relevant and value-enhancing propositions this partnership is a natural extension of that journey as we are giving them a proposition in a box – all they have to do is promote it to their Clients – simple!  Working with Changing Social gives us the capability to increase our value to our Clients and more importantly their value to their Clients. 

We can now help tech organisations improve their market proposition, improve their market penetration, improve the capability of their sales teams and improve above the line and below the line profits.”

Steve Crompton, Changing Social’s Managing Director commented, “Changing Social is a Partner-First services business, so we wanted to find the right Partner to help us grow.  We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Boost in this way.  Boost’s position as an award-winning specialist Channel Services Group is unique and gives us a credible and capable channel through which to work with some great Partners.  Boost’s Marketing and Sales Training capabilities means we are more able to support our Partners by offering them all the tools and resources they need to grow their business, faster.”

Organisations interested in partnering with Changing Social should contact Boost today.


Press Contacts
Darren Spence, Managing Director, Boost Technology, 07771 598 578. darren.spence@boost-performance.co.uk.

Steve Crompton, Managing Director, Changing Social, 07980 492 939

Image Supplied –  Steve Compton, Managing Director of Changing Social and Darren Spence, Managing Director of Boost Technology Group.

Notes for Editors

  1. About Changing Social
    Changing Social is a registered Microsoft Partner and a leader in adoption and change management for large and complex Office 365 projects. Changing Social consultants are certified PROSCI change practitioners, with prior experience in setting, up and scaling change programmes that result in user adoption across the Office 365 ecosystem. 
  2. About Boost Technology Group
    The Boost Technology Group is a registered Microsoft Partner. The business comprises of two companies, Boost Performance, and Boost Training (also trading as “Sales Gym 360”). The group aim is to improve the business performance of technology companies by revolutionising the “assisted sales & marketing” experience. 
  3. Darren Spence, Managing Director of Boost Technology Group and Steve Compton, Managing Director of Changing Social are both available for interviews or commentary upon request. 
  4. Photography and other imagery is available upon request.