April 2018 Review

April 2018 Review


The months are flying by at an alarming rate, and here I am at the end of April 2018! We are now a quarter of the way through the year and on the road to the summer and warmer weather, and although we had a taste of this for a few days in April there doesn’t seem to be any sign of warmer, sunnier weather just yet!

For almost a week in April the weather was warm, the skies were blue, and it finally felt like Spring and Summer were on their way. I was able to sit outside in my garden with Poppy and enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Best of all – I didn’t suffer any allergies or hay fever symptoms at all, but my husband and my Mum did. I hope it is the result of having 2 teaspoons of locally produced honey every day since last summer, which has helped me build up a bit of an immunity – fingers crossed!

I enjoyed a lovely four-day rest over Easter and spent time with my parents and family. My beloved dog Poppy was finally much better after being so poorly in March and I got back into a lovely routine of walks by the river with her.

Here is a round up of what April was like for me both for work, with my blogging/writing and personally:

Work – Corinium Global Intelligence

I was very proud this month to work on a compilation of interviews by some of the world’s leading data and analytics experts called “Face-to-Face with Data and Analytics Leaders”. This piece generated over 300 downloads when it first went online on the CxO Hangouts website and had some excellent positive comments.

You can download the article here

I was also proud to interview these 5 top speakers from our CDAO UK event last February, and the videos of these interviews went up on Corinium’s YouTube channel:
At Corinium we also opened submissions for our first ever “Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (Europe) 2018” report, which will be released during our prestigious Chief Data and Analytics Officer Europe event in Frankfurt, Germany on 18-20 September 2018.

If you are a professional working in data and analytics and you live and work in Europe, you can submit yourself or a colleague to be considered for inclusion here

Networking Events

The only networking event I was able to get to in April was the “Wonderful Worcestershire Awards 2018” lunch event at the Worcestershire County Cricket Ground. I was of course up for an award in the “Significant Achievement” category, I did not expect to win as there were far more worthy people shortlisted and as I suspected and expected the award was won by Mark Martin who is the Chair of the Business Board at the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. He does amazing work for Worcestershire and Worcester and his win was extremely well deserved. It was such an honour to be a finalist in the awards and I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations not only to Mark who won in my category but also to all the winners, finalists and those who were nominated.

Blogging and Writing

April 2018 was the month that my “Cyber Geek Girl” finally started to be noticed more and I received some interesting collaboration proposals. I continued my partnership with Simply Media TV by writing a review of the gritty and grisly BBC Scotland 3-part drama “The Mad Death” which is being released on DVD on 7 May 2018, and I forgot just how harrowing the series was.

You can read my review of the series here.

I also received some guest post requests which I was happy to include as long as the posts fitted into my blog and blogs ethos and I began a collaboration with a leading UK blogging agency on a series of collaborative posts. I will be updating “Cyber Geek Girl” soon to reflect this.

I also continued to write some more local reviews.

A selection of posts that appeared on “Cyber Geek Girl” in April include:

Review: Let The Nightmares Begin: Threads Remastered

Article: Top 5 Traits to Consider When Engaging a Dog Sitter for Your Holiday

Review: Sugo Italian Restaurant Worcester

Review: Beauty by Tabitha Worcester

Review: Reiki Healing with Diana Street of Peaceful Harmony

Personal and Social

With my dog Poppy finally much better and the lighter nights finally here I arranged to catch up with some of my long-standing friends for dinner and also had a catch up with my good friends who live around the corner from us.

I am very sad to say though that in April my husband and I had a very traumatic and unsettling experience with the owners of a dog grooming business where Poppy was washed and groomed. I am not going to go into too much detail except to say that as Poppy was extremely traumatized when it happened we sought to raise as much awareness as possible of the fact that the dog grooming business is unregulated, meaning that anyone can set one up and call themselves a dog groomer, which is horrifying. We will never be taking Poppy to the place again and will revert to taking her to The Pet Corner in Lower Wick where we have never had a problem and where they have always treated Poppy well. We have also found a lovely new field to take her to for a run once a week that is much closer to us, and Poppy loves it there.

Unfortunately, my Dad is still very unwell, and he has been referred to see a neurologist again urgently in May, as well as have a further MRI of his head/brain and spine on May 15. I really do hope that an explanation for his ill health can be found soon.

On top of this both my Uncle (my Dad’s brother) and Aunty (his wife) have been very unwell and in hospital, and I hope they both have a speedy recovery.

The Month Ahead

I plan to continue working on and writing for “Cyber Geek Girl” in my spare time and capitalise on the new relationships I am building through my blog, as well as launch a new white paper for Corinium. Hopefully by the end of May we will have some answers as to my Dads condition, and there are two Bank Holidays in May to enjoy, so I am also looking forward to a bit of down time.

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous May.

Lisa xx

Face-to-Face With the Data and Analytics Leaders

Face-to-Face With the Data and Analytics Leaders

I’m delighted to announce the launch of a new content piece I have worked on for Corinium Global Intelligence where we recently interviewed a selection of the leaders who are pioneering the use of data and analytics within their organizations, and who are using up to the minute technology to stay one step ahead in a business world that changes almost daily.

In a world where digital transformation is key, data & analytics plays a vital role in the success of organizations large and small. Utilizing them can unlock knowledge which can inform business decision making, which is essential in today’s competitive market.

We found out what they think of the data and analytics industry today, and what key things will form part of the future of data and analytics. Download the interview series report here.

March 2018 Review

March 2018 Review

So, March has come to an end already! Just where is 2018 going I wonder, lately I seem to blink and another whole month has flown by! It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since I was writing my review of February 2018, and now here I am on Easter Sunday (1 April) writing my review of March. It is scary just how quickly time passes by.

March to me is always a long month, but then after the short month of February it is almost 5 weeks long. It was a month of ups and downs, but again I survived the downs, while the ups helped to counteract them.

We had yet more snow at the beginning of the month, but this time it didn’t last long – thank goodness! What snow we did have was pretty much gone in a day, but this winter does seem to have dragged on and on. I am looking forward to some warmer weather and Spring finally making an appearance! I hardly got out during March but this time it wasn’t because of the weather, it was because my beloved dog Poppy was very poorly indeed, something I will talk about in the “personal” section below. Thankfully, she is now back to full health and her normal mischievous self, but I didn’t want to leave her while she was so ill. Finally at the end of March the clocks changed and we have much lighter nights again, at long last! I hate the dark nights of winter and I feel much better in myself now that we have more daylight.

Work – Corinium Global Intelligence

I started off the month of March with a quarterly Production Team Meeting in London, and I had an amazing time with all my lovely work colleagues. It makes such a difference when you love what you do, and I absolutely love every minute that I spend working at Corinium.

Being at this quarterly Production Team Meeting was an important thing for me, as it meant I could talk to the Production Team about how content I produce can help them promote their events and help create more alignment between content and production. We also had a consultant come and talk to us about the implications for us of GDPR, which was very interesting, helpful and useful.

After being at the Production Team Meeting I worked with several of our Event Producers to come up with an article to help promote the events we have coming up in May and June this year, and here are the articles I wrote:

Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Every CDO and CAO Needs to Know (to support CDAO Canada)


Creating a Culture of Accountability Using Advanced Technologies in Data and Analytics for Government Departments (to support CDAO Government) 

Is Your Organization Ready for Digital Transformation: The Keys to Being a Digital-Ready Business (to support CAO Spring)

Learning and Development with Virtual Reality: How Can it Help Develop High-End Sophisticated Skills Requirements (to support CLO Spring) https://coriniumintelligence.com/chieflearningofficerusa/learning-and-development-with-virtual-reality-how-can-it-help-develop-high-end-sophisticated-skills-requirements/

While I was at the Quarterly Production Team Meeting I was given some news about the big content piece that I worked on that showcased the Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals in the USA and Canada. I was set a KPI of this piece being downloaded 100 times, so imagine my surprise when I heard it had generated almost 200 downloads! By last week it had generated over 330 downloads. As the content piece was gated every time it was downloaded we gained contact information from those who downloaded it that we can hopefully use to drive our content to, book as speakers or even book as sponsors for our events. On the back of this, I have started production on the Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals for Europe/EMEA, and the Top 100 Data and Analytics Professionals for the USA and Canada, which will be an extension of the original content piece I did.

A couple of weeks ago the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook story broke so I worked with some of my Corinium colleagues to write a response to it from our perspective:

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data Sharing: What Does This Mean for CDOs and CAOs?

In addition, I also authored the following shorter pieces for our CxO Hangouts:

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: Which one Will be Smarter?

A Snapshot of Women in Data and Analytics on International Women’s Day

Ecommerce and the Customer Journey: 5 Ways it can be Enhanced Through Data and Analytics

Toxic Work Environments and Data and Analytics: How can These be Used to Motivate Employees?https://coriniumintelligence.com/toxic-work-environments-and-data-and-analytics-how-can-these-be-used-to-motivate-employees/

Next month I will be sharing some of the video speaker interviews I conducted during CDAO UK and how you can submit yourself or your colleagues to be part of our Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (Europe/EMEA) and our Top 100 Data and Analytics Professionals (USA/Canada) reports.

Plus, we will be releasing a content piece called “Face to Face with the Data and Analytics Experts”, where I interviewed 12 of those who were included in our Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals USA and Canada report. April is going to be a very busy month, and I am already looking forward to it very much!

Networking Events

Last month I didn’t attend any of these due to the inclement weather, and this month was no exception. However, on top of severe weather I also had to look after my beloved dog Poppy as she was very ill in March, something I will detail in my “Personal and Social” section below.

Blogging and Writing

While my main focus in March was on the content and writing I do for my day job at Cornium and looking after my dog Poppy while she was so poorly, I still made sure I had some spare time available to post some blogs on “Cyber Geek Girl”.

I was thrilled this month when I was contacted by Simply Media TV, who had found this blog online that I wrote about the film “Threads” https://www.cybergeekgirl.co.uk/threads-closest-youll-ever-want-come-nuclear-war/. They are releasing a remastered version of “Threads” on DVD on April 9 and wondered if I would like an advance copy to review on my blog.

The DVD arrived last week and I’ve been tweeting and posting about it already, My review of it will be posted in the next few days, and I have reached out to the actor Reece Dinsdale who played Jimmy to ask if he would kindly give an exclusive interview for my blog to accompany my review of “Threads: Remastered”. He has asked me to get back to him after April 3 as he was busy with other commitments, and I am crossing everything that when I do go back to him, he will say yes to the interview.

Other blog posts I’ve done this month include:

Even Closer to Nuclear War: Threads Remastered Released

Review: Sunshine Film 1970’s Based on Jacquelyn Helton

Poem: Dear Mr Mark Zuckerberg: Do not Give Away our Data

Personal and Social

The biggest piece of personal news I want to share is the fact that in March I found out I am a finalist in the Wonderful Worcestershire 2018 Awards in the Significant Achievement category! I could not believe it when I received a phone call from the organisers to tell me, it just seemed to unreal! I am proud, honoured and humbled to be in the finals, and I want to wish all the other finalists in my category and all the finalists in the other categories the very best of luck, and I’m looking forward to meeting them all at the awards ceremony lunch on April 27.

I had to have an interview in front of a panel of five judges on March 23 and deliver a ten minute presentation, which was quite nerve wrecking! While I am used to speaking in public and standing up on stage like it is water off a ducks back, for some reason I felt very nervous inside when I was in front of the judges! But I did it, and I am very humbled that I have got this far.

I didn’t get to go out much or socialize with my friends because my dog Poppy was very poorly indeed with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis. We thought it was a reaction to an anti-inflammatory medicine called Metacam that the vet gave her for her bad legs, so when she was first poorly we stopped it. We took her to the vets and she was given a medicine called ratadine to try and settle her tummy, some probiotic paste and we had to keep her on plain chicken and rice. After a few days we thought she was turning a corner and getting better, but then she had another very nasty bout of gastroenteritis. Back to the vets we went with her, and this time they did a poo sample test and blood tests to see if a cause could be found, and all the tests came back perfect. We even had her tested for lungworm because the vet said she had seen a few cases of that, but even that came back fine. Thankfully, after a long month of Poppy being poorly she improved and now she is back to her normal self. I love her to bits, she is like my baby, so to see her so poorly broke my heart, and they cannot tell you when they are feeling so ill. I’m just so thankful and grateful to The Stocks Vets in Worcester who saw us a couple of times at quite short notice, and for their help in getting Poppy back to her normal self.

Once Poppy was finally better I booked some long overdue catch ups with my friends, and I spent the week before Easter doing that. One of my catch ups was at a lovely new Italian Restaurant called Sugo’s in Worcester, and I will be writing a review of it for my “Cyber Geek Girl” blog soon.

Another worrying thing that happened during March was that my Dad had worse side effects on the new epilepsy medication he was given than he had on Epilin, so his GP has referred him back to see the neurologist at the hospital again, and he has that appointment next Wednesday. I am crossing everything that a solution can be found, and the right epilepsy medication can be given to him to help improve his quality of life. I will update on that in my review of April.

The Month Ahead

I’m already looking forward to the Wonderful Worcestershire Awards Ceremony Lunch on April 27th, I am not expecting to win anything at all, there are far more worthy finalists in my category than me, but I am looking forward to seeing some of my old colleagues and contacts at this event.

I am also hoping that my Dad will be much better by the end of the month, and that Poppy stays well. Work is going to be very busy in April and I am already looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous April.

Lisa xx



Happy International Women’s Day! A Snapshot of Women in Data and Analytics

Happy International Women’s Day! A Snapshot of Women in Data and Analytics

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! With so many opportunities now open for women in the world of data and analytics, data security and cyber security there has never been a better time for women to enter the industry at the C-suite level.

I am so lucky to work in data, analytics and cyber security and support women who are part of the emerging C-suite, like myself. I know what the challenges are and what barriers have to be overcome as a woman in the industry.

I asked some of most prominent female speakers at Corinium Global Intelligence how they find it in an industry that is often still male dominated, and if they have come across any challenges or barriers as a woman in the data and analytics industry. I was very proud to work on this piece and talk to women who have broken through a male-dominated world to become pat of the C-suite in data and analytics.

Read their insightful answers here, and download this “Women in Data and Analytics” report that I researched, compiled and wrote – http://bit.ly/2trb0OT.

February 2018 Review

February 2018 Review

February 2018 has been and gone, and what a busy month it was for me! There are lots of things in February that I usually look forward to – World Nutella Day (any excuse for a bit of Nutella, I love it!), Pancake Day and of course Valentine’s Day. Spring should, in theory, be well and truly on the way, however this February was one of the coldest I can ever remember and the last few days of the month saw the “Beast from the East” arrive from Siberia that brought extremely cold winds and heavy snow across the UK. On top of that “Storm Emma” also hit, giving us a double whammy. So I spent quite a bit of time towards the end of the month in my warm and cosy home, only venturing out to walk my dog when it was safe to do so.

Luckily, being remote based at Corinium Global Intelligence I not only was able to continue working as normal as I don’t have to commute to an office but I ended up working during some evenings and weekends, not because I had to, but because there is only so much housework and TV watching that I can do before cabin fever starts to set in. I saw it as a terrific opportunity to get ahead on some key projects and content pieces that I am working on, some of which I will detail in my “Work” section.

Work – Corinium Global Intelligence

I was lucky to be able to attend one of our flagship events “Chief Data and Analytics Officer UK” (CDAO UK) in London on February 20, 21 and 22.  This event took place before all the bad weather hit the UK, which was so lucky and enabled the event to go ahead without any hitches and without any of our speakers and delegates not being able to get to it due to poor weather.

Being onsite at a Corinium event is always an absolute pleasure and joy. I love surrounding myself with my amazing colleagues and some of the most high-profile data and analytics professionals at various large organisations. My remit during CDAO UK was to work closely with our freelance videographer and photographer Neil Gear, who was commissioned for the event by our new Marketing Director Amy Brierly, and gather 5 video interviews with our keynote speakers, interview some of our key sponsors and delegates for some short video clips and work with Neil to film some of the keynote presentations, out of which he will deliver 2 to us.

I spent some time talking to as many of our speakers and delegates as possible, getting their feedback about the event, talking to them about the latest trends and developments in data and analytics and “sounding” them out as I am starting work to compile a Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals report for Europe and EMEA. I also ran a live Twitter “blog” at the event.

I came away with a couple of souvenirs from the event – a caricature of me that was done by Chris Marshall of http://www.sensiblepencil.com/ and a photo of myself with Dr Mark Nasila, the Head of Analytics at the First National Bank of Nigeria. He was such a lovely chap, so engaging and so positive about CDAO UK, which was great! It is always nice to get good feedback about our events.

Some of the pieces I created in January at Corinium include the following:

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence: Which One Will Be Smarter: https://coriniumintelligence.com/artificial-intelligence-vs-human-intelligence-which-one-will-be-smarter/

Data as a Feature: Are CDO’s Ready:

In Data We Trust: How Can The C-suite Have Confidence In Its Data: https://coriniumintelligence.com/in-data-we-trust-how-can-the-c-suite-have-confidence-in-its-data/

Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (USA and Canada) Report:

Networking Events

Due to the inclement weather I didn’t get to attend any networking events this month, but I did love being at CDAO UK for work. It is always such a pleasure and joy to work onsite at a Corinium event!

Blogging and Writing

I took part in another “Tweetalong” on Twitter in early February which was again on the nuclear war theme on the 1960’s docu-film “The War Game”, which was deemed to horrifying to ever be shown on the BBC.

I also took part in “Worcestershire Hour” on Twitter on a few occasions in February – it is always nice to connect with local businesses, business contacts and friends via this platform which runs every Monday night and Wednesday lunchtime on Twitter.

Apart from this I also wrote some reviews:

M&S Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Benedicto’s Italian Restaurant, Worcester

Stocks Veterinary Centre, Worcester and Upton

Personal and Social

Again, due to the very inclement weather I haven’t been able to get out too much in the evenings after I finish work, but I was able to take my Dad out for dinner with his friend Mark to Benedicto’s Italian Restaurant in Worcester, where they have an offer on Thursday nights for unlimited pizza, wedges and salad for £12.00 per person. My Dad and Mark thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and it was nice to see my Dad out and about again.

I did book a ticket to go and see “Fifty Shades Freed” when it was released, but the weather was so cold and icy I didn’t want to risk driving, so I didn’t go. I will wait for it to come out on the film streaming services we have, such as Amazon, Netflix or NOWTV.

One thing that was a huge worry was my beloved dog Poppy started exhibiting signs of having something wrong with her back legs. She had tests and xrays at The Stocks Vets in Worcester, but thankfully they showed no evidence of anything too serious and the vet thought it was likely to be a strained muscle or pulled ligament. Poppy has been on Metacam medication and short walks since she had her tests and xrays and she is due to go back to the vets for a check up on March 6, so fingers crossed she will be back to normal very soon!

The Month Ahead

March is one of my favourite months because the clocks change at the end of the month, the lighter nights are back, and Spring is on the horizon. Given how cold February has been it is hard to believe that Spring is getting closer, but I live in hope!

In early March I will be attending a meeting for work in London as I will be working much more closely from now on with the Events Production Team, so I will be joining one of their quarterly training and team meeting sessions, which I am very much looking forward to.

I should also hear the outcome of my nomination in the Wonderful Worcestershire Awards for the Significant Achievement category, and whether I have made it through as a finalist or not. Whatever the outcome it is a huge honour just to be nominated, and if you voted for me in the awards thank you much. I appreciate it more than you know.

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous March. Let’s hope Spring arrives soon along with some warmer weather and the lighter nights. This winter has certainly been a long and very cold one.

Lisa xx

Corinium Global Intelligence Releases Their First Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (USA and Canada) Report

Corinium Global Intelligence Releases Their First Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (USA and Canada) Report

I am very proud to announce that I worked on compiling Corinium Global Intelligence’s first ever report of the 50 leaders in data and analytics across the USA and Canada, which aims to showcase the movers and shakers in the industry who are driving innovation and commerciality for data and analytics in these two countries.

This prestigious list of those within the data and analytics industry in the USA and Canada celebrates data and analytics leadership, excellence and showcases some of the insightful and exciting ways that data and analytics is being been utilized by these professionals in organizations across the two countries.

All aspects of data and analytics have been recognised from the leaders in data and analytics in the USA and Canada who make the most of up to the minute technology, to the end-users who deploy it and the consultants who plan and implement ground breaking projects that deliver real results.

It is important to note that entrants in this Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals report appear in no particular order and are not ranked in order of achievement.

To download a copy of the report, please visit http://bit.ly/2FgttT7.