The months are flying by at an alarming rate, and here I am at the end of April 2018! We are now a quarter of the way through the year and on the road to the summer and warmer weather, and although we had a taste of this for a few days in April there doesn’t seem to be any sign of warmer, sunnier weather just yet!

For almost a week in April the weather was warm, the skies were blue, and it finally felt like Spring and Summer were on their way. I was able to sit outside in my garden with Poppy and enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Best of all – I didn’t suffer any allergies or hay fever symptoms at all, but my husband and my Mum did. I hope it is the result of having 2 teaspoons of locally produced honey every day since last summer, which has helped me build up a bit of an immunity – fingers crossed!

I enjoyed a lovely four-day rest over Easter and spent time with my parents and family. My beloved dog Poppy was finally much better after being so poorly in March and I got back into a lovely routine of walks by the river with her.

Here is a round up of what April was like for me both for work, with my blogging/writing and personally:

Work – Corinium Global Intelligence

I was very proud this month to work on a compilation of interviews by some of the world’s leading data and analytics experts called “Face-to-Face with Data and Analytics Leaders”. This piece generated over 300 downloads when it first went online on the CxO Hangouts website and had some excellent positive comments.

You can download the article here

I was also proud to interview these 5 top speakers from our CDAO UK event last February, and the videos of these interviews went up on Corinium’s YouTube channel:
At Corinium we also opened submissions for our first ever “Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals (Europe) 2018” report, which will be released during our prestigious Chief Data and Analytics Officer Europe event in Frankfurt, Germany on 18-20 September 2018.

If you are a professional working in data and analytics and you live and work in Europe, you can submit yourself or a colleague to be considered for inclusion here

Networking Events

The only networking event I was able to get to in April was the “Wonderful Worcestershire Awards 2018” lunch event at the Worcestershire County Cricket Ground. I was of course up for an award in the “Significant Achievement” category, I did not expect to win as there were far more worthy people shortlisted and as I suspected and expected the award was won by Mark Martin who is the Chair of the Business Board at the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. He does amazing work for Worcestershire and Worcester and his win was extremely well deserved. It was such an honour to be a finalist in the awards and I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations not only to Mark who won in my category but also to all the winners, finalists and those who were nominated.

Blogging and Writing

April 2018 was the month that my “Cyber Geek Girl” finally started to be noticed more and I received some interesting collaboration proposals. I continued my partnership with Simply Media TV by writing a review of the gritty and grisly BBC Scotland 3-part drama “The Mad Death” which is being released on DVD on 7 May 2018, and I forgot just how harrowing the series was.

You can read my review of the series here.

I also received some guest post requests which I was happy to include as long as the posts fitted into my blog and blogs ethos and I began a collaboration with a leading UK blogging agency on a series of collaborative posts. I will be updating “Cyber Geek Girl” soon to reflect this.

I also continued to write some more local reviews.

A selection of posts that appeared on “Cyber Geek Girl” in April include:

Review: Let The Nightmares Begin: Threads Remastered

Article: Top 5 Traits to Consider When Engaging a Dog Sitter for Your Holiday

Review: Sugo Italian Restaurant Worcester

Review: Beauty by Tabitha Worcester

Review: Reiki Healing with Diana Street of Peaceful Harmony

Personal and Social

With my dog Poppy finally much better and the lighter nights finally here I arranged to catch up with some of my long-standing friends for dinner and also had a catch up with my good friends who live around the corner from us.

I am very sad to say though that in April my husband and I had a very traumatic and unsettling experience with the owners of a dog grooming business where Poppy was washed and groomed. I am not going to go into too much detail except to say that as Poppy was extremely traumatized when it happened we sought to raise as much awareness as possible of the fact that the dog grooming business is unregulated, meaning that anyone can set one up and call themselves a dog groomer, which is horrifying. We will never be taking Poppy to the place again and will revert to taking her to The Pet Corner in Lower Wick where we have never had a problem and where they have always treated Poppy well. We have also found a lovely new field to take her to for a run once a week that is much closer to us, and Poppy loves it there.

Unfortunately, my Dad is still very unwell, and he has been referred to see a neurologist again urgently in May, as well as have a further MRI of his head/brain and spine on May 15. I really do hope that an explanation for his ill health can be found soon.

On top of this both my Uncle (my Dad’s brother) and Aunty (his wife) have been very unwell and in hospital, and I hope they both have a speedy recovery.

The Month Ahead

I plan to continue working on and writing for “Cyber Geek Girl” in my spare time and capitalise on the new relationships I am building through my blog, as well as launch a new white paper for Corinium. Hopefully by the end of May we will have some answers as to my Dads condition, and there are two Bank Holidays in May to enjoy, so I am also looking forward to a bit of down time.

Until my next monthly review, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous May.

Lisa xx

Lisa Ventura is a blogger and writer who has been through many challenges in life, but has somehow not only managed to survive them all, she has thrived in spite of them. She loves technology, heavy metal music, gadgets, cyber security, writing/blogging and her GSD/Husky cross dog. By day she is a Marketing and Cyber Security Consultant, and in her spare time she blogs on www.cybergeekgirl.co.uk, www.lifebodysoulspirit.co.uk and www.frankieslegacy.co.uk. She is a born campaigner and works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues and causes that are close to her heart.